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Friday, December 23, 2005

Home at last...

It is 2 am...after 17 hours on the road, shared with a good friend, I am home at last. My friends left me many messages on my going-away t-shirt...Here's one that I wanted to share here...

"Barn's burnt down, now I can see the moon..." a haiku by Masahide.

So eloquent, succinct and moved spoke of rebirth through death, finding meaning in hardship, endings and new beginnings...I think they really understood what I tried and hopefully did achieve...

Startups and young companies are like young families. They struggle to get on with each other, living with the world outside, striving each day to define their place, having a reason to show up, and yet that is the most exciting and fulfilling period. It is the time to shape character, to build courage and to search for vision. The results, if done properly, stands the test of time beyond the life of the company, because it becomes a defining moment in young lives.

My kids relate the story of someone who once saw a butterfly struggling to free itself from the cocoon and in a moment of kindness helped the butterfly emerge. The poor butterfly turned out maimed and disfigured. The moral here is that nature ordains that in order for the butterfly to grow into a magnificent specimen, it must struggle in its birth because it is that process that builds its strength and beauty. Sometimes, the barn must burn down before we can see the moon.


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