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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In the beginning...

Here goes The Idea Dude 2.0...

My life began some 40+ years ago in some genetic soup that has resulted in a individual called Me. I've seen Web -1.0, 0.0, 1.0 and now look forward to what 2.0 will bring...

At the continual urging of fellow peers, I've begun this blog...a good segway to a new adventure as I wrap up the current gig for 1.5 years helping a company get back on track. Hopefully, they have enough steam to get to the next hopes go with them.

Back in the 'net as they say, I feel like a kid in the candy store scouring the blogs and breathing again. The last 18 month stint consisted of a basic week routine of 70 hours in the trenches with weekly commutes from Canada to US. I'm finally at the end of the tunnel.

Why the The Idea Dude? I spend each day imagining, innovating, inspiring, searching for the Holy Internet Grail, The Next New Thing. Along the Internet Highway, I've met a couple of really cool people, made some decent friends, found some wise mentors and built some great teams...

The best part is I've seen a lot of awesome ideas, some wacky and some wise...I've dreamed a lot of ideas, that is now reality...that is neat! even though, my ideas stayed as wishing stars...maybe the next one will be mine.

What will the future bring?

Watch this space...

The Idea Dude


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