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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blog 2.0

A common theme of this blog is community, creative commons and what Web 2.0 promises to bring. Ray Ozzie (yes from the Dark Side...but even Darth Vader had a shot on redemption) has a passion for providing software that enables web communities to build themselves. He sums it up well..."what would it take to enable users themselves to wire-the-web"?'s the driving force behind his Simple Sharing Extensions concept. Coming from Microsoft, hopefully it isn't a case of the Henry Ford can have any color as long as it's black. But to all the detractors out there, Web 2.0 will happen (with a lot of casualties), the only problem with communities, mash-ups, and sharing...I do ask the question, are the people ready to rule? Anarchy is a frightening thing and web anarchy transcends borders, cultures and ages, potentially the catalyst for web extinction. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

Another start-up caught my eye. Webpaint (based in Seattle) is trying to make the wiki experience even simpler for the average user. Their idea of consumer wikis and people collaborating easily is, I believe, how blogs will eventually mutate (at least partially). Think about it, the majority of people blog once a week or less, often, the topics are on products, health etc. Makes more sense to go to a wiki and read about blog experiences etc linked to that topic than having to scour the blog world through technorati and having to pick tidbits out of a bucketful of information. So wiki meets blogs..wiblog??? i.e. there should always be blogs but everytime you post to the wiki, it also adds that to your blog so you have a bidirectional link between the two. People have to make those links, don't automate them...that's the bad behind search engines, irrelevance! Your blog may be nothing more than links, comments and contributions to the wiki. But you contribute to a great whole while maintaining your identity as an individual. Powerful stuff...mobs, blogs, wikis, wiblogs...


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