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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ideas 'R' us

Today's theme is 'R'. For no particular reason except good things (and bad) seem to come in threes. My three words today are rhythm, relevance, resonance. Here's why they were relevant to me...(no pun intended).

Rhythm - I've been running at 20% above my normal level for about 2 weeks. It was first 10 mins felt like hell and my ankles hurt for a couple of days after. Today, sanity prevailed and I reverted back to my normal level. It was fun, exhilarating and I felt I could run forever. The lesson I learnt was to stay in your rhythm in whatever you do. I prefer this concept than momentum (which is more about maintaining speed). Rhythm has ups and downs and equates to life (and running) much better. Others will call it being in the zone or in the groove. If you ever ridden a horse, you'll know the painful aftermath if you were in not rhythm with your steed!

Relevance - this is about time and context. We all have some degree of relevance at work, home etc. We have to be mindful that relevance is not about us but our impact on our environment, families, peers, investors and customers. It is hard to gain relevance (sometimes it is insight, training, luck and opportunity), most of all it is easy to lose relevance. To create and maintain relevance is hard work. Relevance is often a fair weather friend. Note to self...wake up every morning and decide why I should be relevant and to whom.

Resonance - well-known scientific phenomenon of intensified and enhanced amplitude when you strike a natural frequency. In natural speak, if you are in sync with your partners, customers, peers, the resulting experience and stimulus is increased. Seek opportunities where you can strike a resonant chord with someone around you. When you find that rare moment in time, it absolutely takes your breath away like catching the right wave. The results and effect defie explanation. Savour it...

Just to maintain a balance of thought, my partner in crime listens to these 'words of wisdom' and counter it with his three tongue-in-cheek contributions...repurpose, rehabilitate and revenge. A healthy dose of reality, I guess...

I particularly liked the personal training email I received today titled..."Training for REAL men (over 40!)"...


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