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Monday, April 24, 2006

Another window to this soul

Another first for theIdeaDude blog. Putting an image on this site has been tough for the last 4 months. I've fought the idea, a) I didn't want the exercise to be gratuitous and b) it takes effort to find the right image to match the blog unless you have no qualms in putting photos of fellow colleagues who were perpetrators of dark software deeds that have been described at length here.

However, I rationalized that what I see and appreciate is as much about me as what I read or experience in this journey. So here goes the first one. And the homage is paid to Flickr from where this image originates. Flickr was an idea a couple of friends and I had in the late 90's but never saw the light of day because too many people told us it wouldn't make money. It is hard to say what would have happened if Yahoo had not bought them. However, the point is moot, it is one of the greatest social exercises of our time and a fitting partipant in the next-generation web. It is also a testament to the impact of the digital camera. Remember how we thought the 35mm format would not die and using 800 ASA was a sin. People gave up quality and elitism for convenience and size. The latter has won the battle as evidence by the number of traditional camera makers that are slowly becoming dinosaurs. Who is Ricoh, Minolta, Konica etc our children will ask one day.

Flicker has shown the world, like the bloggers and the social-networks, it's about people and the content that help bring relationships and emotions together...


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