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Saturday, April 22, 2006

How much is that dream worth to you?

Businessweek has an article about some notable CEOs who are refusing bonuses or giving back some of their pay to their employees. It's probably a trend won't catch on in a hurry. Most of these actions are window dressing or a pang of conscience that helps them sleep at night. If you pull back the covers, these CEOs are either already worth millions or already earning more money than they can spend.

If you want to admire the real entrepreneurs, spare a thought to those who have taken significant pay cuts, changed their lifestyles and work out of basements to follow their dream. When you wake up every morning wondering how to feed your own and what you can liquidate to keep your business alive, and how to say no to your loved ones, and wondering if you can take that summer vacation...these are the people who are the true entrepreneurs that demand our respect. The nobility is in starving so others can eat, not giving away what you don't need. Mother Theresa understood that...perhaps that's why saints are far and few between.


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