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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Phoenix rising

Last night, I came home, pulled my laptop out of my bag to find the 'e' was missing on the cover. The Idea Dude became The Idea Dud! It was that kind of day.

It started with a terrific meeting with an influential technical writer where we pitched our new idea and direction. It ended with my sole investor pulling out his support. We had mutually agreed the current business started 4 months was not something either of us wanted to pursue any further. We took the blue pill and went down a rabbit hole.

I think we both started that adventure reluctantly for different reasons. Mine was to taste and smell a real startup again rather than turn small or medium-size software companies around. Like in the game of poker, we decided to fold our hand. As in the game, he had put up a small blind (an fitting analogy for a startup, in reality, you really have zero visibility), I'm proud that we were fiscally responsible, we burnt the match and not the candle. Now, as we moved to something far greater and more exciting, he has decided it was not the game he wants to play. I respect that immensely, none of this loyalty crap that sometimes results in long bitter relationships that kill all its participants. We've always been frank with each other and perhaps that's why we will always have each other's support, respect and friendship.

Nevertheless, it is a separation and now, I have the credentials of a killer Web 2.0 company i.e. no business model, no money, no offices...just a great friend, Tealeaf, who continues to stay true to the journey, a life long mentor who continues to support my wacky ideas, a terrific new concept, a deep passion to build great communities and a fierce hunger that I can leave something behind one day that will be an exclamation mark in the history of the Internet. (no please, not a comma or a dreaded period, no, it has to be an exclamation mark!!!!)

As a confirmed hitchhiker to the Internet galaxy, all I have to remember is to bring my towel and there is never doubt in mind because I always know the answer will be 42. But first things first, I need to glue the 'e' back onto the end of Dud.


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