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Thursday, June 29, 2006

This one's for you, the little dude

This post is for the little dude, my son, also known as the Great Despoiler to his online friends. He made me very proud last night. He graduated from elementary school with distinction and made it to the top 3 in his class. What made it even more amazing was we let him do it his way. You see, the little dude (who is actually taller than me), is in some ways like his father, he blogs, loves computer games, has a great sense of humour but in some ways, he's not. When it comes to school work, 'good enough' was always his mantra. 'You don't have to overdo it, Dad!' and 'we all have different ways of studying...'. Almost two years ago, we took the big step and stepped back, letting him do it his way. We had our doubts...he's expressive, loves a good time and probably make a great marketing guy. Fun is his middle name. But against all odds, he proved us wrong, he did do it his way.

It did remind me how often in work situations, I had to hold back myself and let the team take it on the chin a couple of times and let them figure it out. More often than not, good things happened. The old style command and control management is not what leadership is about. It's about facilitation, mentoring, bringing the best out of people, not forcing square pegs into round holes. As Sun Tzu said, The great victory is the one that is not fought at all. To win without battle and without casualties is the highest achievement.

I wait with bated breath for the next chapter of The Great Despoiler. I know he will not disappoint.


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