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Thursday, June 22, 2006

To honour those who fall in battle

This week, some friends of mine lost their jobs as their startup disappeared into the sunset. It's a tough decision that gets made every day across this globe and more Web 2.0 will inevitably fade than we will ever now. I've had to make similar decisions and suffered from a few of those too. My heart and hopes do go to them. This post is simply to recognize these people. Whether they are managers, developers, assistants, most people (especially in high tech) join a company for more than the money. They buy into the dream, the possibility of being in something big or something memorable. To show their kids one day, they helped lay a particular brick. Even if they were merely the water boys in the Superbowl team, we all want to be associated with success because it becomes part our legacy, our well-being and our self-worth.

While the software industry is paid relatively well compared to many others, it is the one where I've seen people make extraordinary sacrifices to their personal lives with little or no additional compensation. Who of you have sung Harry Chapin's "Cat in the Cradle" in your head on the way to work or home? I have, too many times. Damn the CEO, manager or investor who tells me once more, "this is startup, we have to do what it takes...". It does make you wonder though that many die in battle for a national cause, to fight for freedom, or a belief. Their sacrifices are noble, for the rest of us, it just seems obscene to only do it for the money.

I read an interesting discourse at the Byvation site the other day. Basically challenging us to shirk off the "are we good enough question". The answer is if you have "raged in the night" to the best of your ability and talents then you have every reason to look back with pride regardless of the outcome. To my friends, this candle of hope is for you...


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