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Friday, August 04, 2006

The inaugural flight of TheGoodBlogs

This week saw the unveiling of TheGoodBlogs. Our fledgling startup that we so lovingly nurtured and laboured over the past several weeks is now in the public eye. Whether this baby will eventually be a swan or an ugly duckling is irrelevant right now. We are just so excited to give back to something that has pulled and tugged at our internal chords for many years, a passion called blogging. I remember reading the beginnings of in real time, the trials and tribulations he went through before most people even knew what a blog was. I grew to love the ability to share on a web page, my thoughts, my experiences and my pain. The need to share and understanding 99% of the blogging community face similar challenges became the seed of TheGoodBlogs.

Right now, all that matters is that after many years in the software trenches building companies and teams for other people, I've finally found the combination that gets me up every morning, blogging, distributed computing, writing great software and doing it with a great friend, Tealeaf. We all have different measures of success, for some it is money, for others it is reputation...for me, it is about empowering the blogger and helping good bloggers become known. Good bloggers are good regardless of their readership and I'm out to help them find that spotlight. If I am able to drive readers to your blog that you would not have gotten otherwise, regardless of whether it was one or a hundred than I have succeeded. In time, I would love to be the most efficient and effective network to promote bloggers, right now, it's to simply find a few good blogs.

I've gone through many gigs, business plans, business models and yet this one feels like The One. Perhaps it's because I am surrounded by good people on this adventure whether they are partners, family, bloggers, advisors, mentors. They all see a long lost spark in my eye. One of my closest mentors said just this week, "You have no business plan...but you have to do this for your own sake". That's good enough for me...

Hope to see you on TheGoodBlogs!


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