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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The People's Revolution 2.0

This week has been frenetic, keeping me from doing 2 of the 3 things I love best. To read blogs and to blog. The third one which is ironically the one that causing the disproportionate allocation of time was devoted to writing code for TheGoodBlogs.. It was a very relevant week with some part of the blogosphere abuzz with the relevancy of blogs and bloggers started by Kent Newsome, commented by Nick Carr and subsequently permeated into conversations from other great blogs like Mark Evans and Jeff Clavier. Mark and Jeff are circulated by TheGoodBlogs and incidently, that's how I stumbled upon the conversation. It works!

This is the time for TheGoodBlogs. Everyone who comes across it and me, asks the inevitable question, what's your business model? That question for Tealeaf and me is only relevant in the context that if we don't make some money sometime in the future, it would be a devastating loss for me (and my longsuffering family) and I believe the blogosphere. We didn't take money like many Web 2.0 companies because we believed it would force us down paths that didn't jive with our vision. What's our vision? To find the good blogs, to level the playing field and promote folks like Ken, Nick, Mark and Jeff...and of course me. For us, this is our Cluetrain, we feel like revolutionaries, perhaps 2006 is our 1789.

Perhaps we should adopt French Revolution slogan, "Liberty, equality, fraternity or death". Liberty because we all have the freedom to blog and share our ideas. Equality because TheGoodBlogs will strive to give everyone fair exposure to each other. Fraternity because unlike an aggregator, our success is determined by the support of the unsung bloggers. Death, because if good bloggers fade away because they were unheard, the world, especially the Internet, would be poorer place.

To all the good blogs out don't have to blog every day or every hour or get 16,000 hits per day like Guy Kawasaki. You are good because you took the time to add something in your own way to the Internet. It is there forever, and whether 1 or 1,000 people find you, it really doesn't matter, as long as someone will find you someday and he or she will draw inspiration, comfort or knowledge from that small piece of real estate, you call your blog.

Let a thousand bloggers bloom, I say!


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