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Monday, September 18, 2006

A directory for Web 2.0 junkies

Go2Web20 has a fascinating collage of Web 2.0 company logos all on one page. It would be interesting how many are still alive and kickng. Should be lots of fodder for blogger commentary.

We're about to change the look of TheGoodBlogs, it will allow the users to customize the widget to their blogs a little easier without us losing our branding and making it blend more with their blogs. The science of getting people to click through a site is amazing. Or should I say art. It seems that the key is not to create bright flashy logos, borders etc. Although it grabs the readers attention, many shy away because they perceive them to be ads and not worth clicking through. Google has observed that by understating the Google block and making it blend with the text (same color, inline) etc. has a better chance for readers to click through. I guess it is a credibility thing. Readers on your site have implicitly given you some credibility and trust and are likely to click through your content as opposed to being taken somewhere else. More later as we learn from TheGoodBlogs widget.


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