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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Digital graffitti

Came across an article recirculated by Fast Company. I like what Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo was saying about social networking. He maintains that social networking is not a product or a company but a feature that lives in service of some other purpose. "The spirit of social computing is the concept of leaving value in your wake." We all want to do that whether it is through quality journalistic style blogs to YouTube postings. Heck, even the cavemen did it. Blogging is perhaps digital graffitti where we all put something out there for others to see. It is meant to invoke an emotion or at least an opinion. Why watch reality TV when you can get it on MySpace blogs and YouTube videos.

I liked Hadyn's comment on a previous post about blogs facilitating conversations. Perhaps blogs will become the modern day cooler talk areas where readers and bloggers gather to share some wisdom, gossip and anything else that takes their fancy. It did stop me for a moment to think about how TheGoodBlogs widget could be far more than a blog promoter, could it be a place for conversations too?


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