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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Driving readers to your blog

Gentlemen, start
engines! TheGoodBlogs is officially open to the public for business. Less than four months ago, all we had was an idea, an inkling that we could do something profoundly different on the blogosphere. Interestingly enough, we have come full circle ending up in the same tiny office Tony and I shared 5 years ago (alas 9/11 and the death of dotcoms crippled our ability to raise any cash then). This time we got a couple of breaks, sound guidance from long time friends and mentors, Bert Amato and Dennis Bennie, some terrific advisors like Mark Evans and Jeneane Sessum and a bunch of fine bloggers in multiple continents who took the brave step because I think they saw our vision.

Through our technology, bloggers have promoted each other a staggering 2.5 million times and circulated thousands of additional readers. For us to watch this on a daily basis is way cool. The best part is that, like some of the best Internet disruptions e.g. eBay, it is community driven. I've been in enough startups to know that the market is fickle and the best laid plans can meet untimely ends. But today, we like our chances...


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