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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Find stuff without really looking

Looking through the posts today, there seems to be much discussion about blogging vs journalism (all found on TheGoodBlogs, hurray!). Covered by Kent Newsome and Mediangler to name a few. It seems we are in some ways responsible for creating conversations within the TGB network as I do now.

On the same vein there is an interesting talk by David Weinberger on how blogs propagate links to external pages where traditional online media like New York Times have links that point internally to other pages. His point was that bloggers have no fear about linking to others whereas major online media properties are afraid of you leaving their sites. The video can be found on Jeneane Sessum's blog. David used Jeneane's blog as an example of the extensive links in her posts and her blogroll. It was unfortunate David didn't get to see TheGoodBlogs because that would have reinforced his speech somewhat since Jeneane was actively promoting other bloggers through TGB. Ah well, maybe someone will David about us and he'll include us in his next speech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I can see looking around the Web 2.0 posts from Silicon Valley there is a huge amount of self-referencing within a small circle of bloggers. GigaOm references techrunch who references the next bay area blogger etc. That's how these successful blogs have been built and how they are sustained. You might have to be more active in creating that kind of support network with the Good Blogs - but you've made a great start.

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