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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maybe there is no box?

Michael Urlocker has a great post on truths for innovators. These are the ones I like the most. I agree innovation is not about technology, innovation can be anywhere in your business, a process, a strategy, a piece of code. It's about the ability to take a different perspective and do something different to get an advantage over what is perceived to be the current norm. I'm not sure about paying people to fail. I think we should encourage people to try different things and not fear failure. But to pay people to fail, hmmm. Failing in love with your own ideas is a big no, no. It's hard to have the discipline to question every assumption we make. What was good yesterday may not be good today. Also agree with not blindly believing what your customers tell you, watch them instead. Their habits tell you more about what they actually do than what they would like to do.

We always tell our employees to think out the box, but who put the box there in the first place. Maybe there isn't any box....


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