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Thursday, December 21, 2006

8 ways to make people feel like a million bucks

I was reading John Maxwell's 8 ways to make people feel like a million bucks. John took it from a leadership perspective. I wanted to do my own list with a little help from him. Maybe this is my meme but it is a list of principles I try to live up to. Some days I fail miserably but consistently trying is half the battle won. So here goes, TheIdeadDude's 8 ways to make people feel a million bucks.

  1. Let people know you need them. Everyone has the ability to contribute to your life no matter how small it may be.
  2. Acknowledge. Most people are happy to know that you heard them. Even though, you may not agree, every one has a right to be heard.
  3. Recognize. Be generous with praise. If someone did something wonderful, don't hold back the praise.
  4. Share a memory. It becomes your own special connection. A part of history that cannot be undone.
  5. Let them invest. Too often, we're too proud to ask for and receive help. Giving is the best tonic in the world.
  6. Giving is not a negotiation. Never give expecting to receive something or anything of equal value. If you do it's not giving.
  7. Invest time. Spending the first and last 30 seconds of your conversation on the person is a minute well spent. It means you care and they are special.
  8. Initiate. More than half the population will not be the first to initiate any contact of any form. They are as apprehensive as you are. Every time I do, I find more often than not, a warm, funny, sensitive and intelligent person.

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BTW: Here's my holiday rant. It is appropriate given the topic today. Doing my holiday shopping, I am frankly appalled at how poorly trained people are at serving people. And that's the irony, they are not selling goods, they are serving people. What grinds my gears (My son makes me watch Family Guy!) are people who are so willing to take my money but at the same time, won't look me in the eye, smile and give me their undivided attention for the 30 seconds I'm in front of the till. What messsage do you think they send when they scan your purchases without a greeting, chatting to their colleagues and no thank yous or goodbyes! I don't blame the staff but the management who scratch their heads every quarter wondering why their sales do not meet expectations. They are responsible for ensuring that their employees understand and are trained to be first and foremost ambassadors for the company.


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