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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Final reflections for 2006

So ends 2006, a whirlwind of activities, a launching of dreams, a roller-coaster of the very best kind. A year ago, I arrived back from Atlanta after a 2 year gig with a fuzzy outlook for the year. It was also a turning point in my life as I made a commitment to blog consistently and regularly. From that, 6 months later, I embarked upon a journey with a good friend, Tony aka Tealeaf and TheGoodBlogs was born. But before I cross the threshold into 2007, a couple of thanks are in order:

  • Firstly to all our members, you have made TheGoodBlogs an amazing community that I am so proud of. I know what we have done works because personally, I found so many good blogs through this adventure. Everyday, each of you leaves behind a tiny bit of legacy that is more far reaching than you probably realize. Your words are sources of inspiration, encouragement, laughter and insight. Even on the days when there seems to be nothing to say, your presence says you exist, you share and you will touch someone out there.
  • Next, a thanks to all my friends, advisors and mentors. You never questioned my vision or my dreams. Every word was one of encouragement, every criticism made was constructive, intended to help me (and TheGoodBlogs) become better.
  • To my good friend, Tealeaf, it's been a awesome journey. You were and continue to be my wingman at TheGoodBlogs. I am so thankful never to have to look if there is someone on the other side of the rope as we make up treacherous climb up Mount Web 2.0.
  • Finally, to my wife and kids for letting me live the dream. I hope to reward you a thousand-fold one day for your patience, love and understanding. When your kids say, "Dad, you're not unemployed, you're just not making money!", you know they understand the concept of startups, entrepreneurship and treasure hunts.

To all of you who read this blog, in the words of the new generation...

May your 2007 be filled with a gigantic cornucopia of awesomeness!


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