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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Five blog memes

Mike Sansone commented on his good friend Mike Wagner's Five Things meme. It was thought-provoking enough for me to add my own opinions.

  • Transparency - Mike maintains there should be a face and a name. Yes it adds credibility and the human side to it. Although, I can understand how some feel more comfortable using their blogs as anonymous channels which gives them more freedom to be expressive and outspoken. For the longest time, this blog was simply TheIdeaDude, being a platform for my ideas was sufficient. However, with the involvement in TheGoodBlogs it has been become necessary to add a persona. It depends whether the blog is a creative outlet, a conversation and network builder and/or a brand builder.
  • Generosity - There are no blogrolls on my site. There are archaic and maintenance-prone. Additionally, it has become a vehicle for link building for many sites. When we first started, we scraped a lot of blogrolls and found that many had up to 40% of dead links. Dead in that the blog the link referred to no longer existed or had been inactive for more than 6 months. That tends to backfire on the credibility of the blog and its author. I created and use TheGoodBlogs exclusively because it promotes the content as well as the blogger, if you don't blog for more than 30 days, you don't get circulated in the widget.
  • Consistency - Agreed 100%. To remain in people's mindshare, you have to have an entry every day if possible, at worst once a week. If people come knocking and you're not home consistency, they stop visiting. Freshness is also an indication of your commitment to the blog community and your readers. Technorati had a stat that said average time between blog entries is between 3-5 days, so don't feel bad if you don't blog everyday. It shouldn't be forced, but it should be disciplined. Unless you're Elvis, people need to know you haven't left the building.
  • Remark-ability - It's tough to write blogs that make people comment unless you're prepared to be controversial. Many comments are often made by people you know or in the case of A-listers, to be seen. So to have more comments, make sure you comment on other blogs.
  • Ads or not - let's face it, unless you're an A-lister, making money on your blog should not be a priority. (I question how many A-listers actually make decent money anyway - enough to be self-sufficient). It's pocket change for the rest of us. So don't put large Google ads in people's faces at the top of the blog. It says to me, that making a dime is more important than getting your idea and thoughts across to your readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You thoughts on blogrolls are interesting. I maintain my links for a couple of reasons:
1) Reference: I've started thinking of my blog as a personal portal/playground. It's easy to pop open a link in another tab and see whats up.
2) Identity: If visitors are curious as to what makes me tick, or where some of my post fodder comes from, the links offer some clues.

I know they play a roll in building traffic, but it's not my top priority in adding links.

3:11 PM  
Blogger The Idea Dude said...

Good points, Trev., maybe we should add the blogroll capability to the widget????

9:31 AM  
Blogger mynameiskate said...

Actually .. one of the things I like about TGB is that there isn't a blog roll. The headlines give me a different type of access point into some great blogs.

I do continue to maintain a blogroll on my site, partially for myself (it functions as a bookmark list) but partially as a service. I see good blogrolls being an editorial service I can provide to my readers (that being said my current blogroll is a little unweildy and poorly categorized), but in an ideal world they do provide a function. I've never really thought of them as a link generator. There are people who I link to who don't link to me .. and vice versa.

That's why the commenting is so important!!

Really interesting thoughts .. I always love to hear why people do or do not have them.

2:15 PM  
Blogger The Idea Dude said...

Thanks for stopping by Kate. We're working on a recommendation engine for blogs too. Stay tuned.

2:38 PM  

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