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Monday, January 08, 2007

It's my blog and I'll post when I want to...

I read Rohan's interesting post this evening on blogging infrequently is actually a feature. It follows another post by another great blog I follow, Haydn Shaughnessy who lamented perhaps that after 700 posts, he felt the blogging was rather like acts of little consequence, which to me sounded like a bout of blogging fatigue (my interpretation, not his).

It reminded me of advice I used to give new team members that I would hire. It was simply before you walk through the door make sure you understand why you took the job. Be very clear because along the way, life throws many curves, the promotion you didn't get, the long coding hours, managers you can't get on with, team members who steal the limelight. At the end of the day, only you should decide what drives you and makes you do what you do every day. As long as you're still doing it for the right reasons (your reasons) then stay, if not, then run like a bat out of hell.

I guess as humans, many (if not most of us), unconsciously measure our own worth and success relative to others around us. If we go to the gym, we want to run as fast the person next to us or be as slim as that young personal trainer. In the Internet age, it's about page rank or your Technorati ranking, how much traffic we got and how many subscribers I have to my feed. We start to lose sight of why we started in the first place. Physicians will tell you that many patients who survive heart attacks subsequently have a couple of months during which they exercise and watch their diet only to fall back to their original ways. The initial impetus, driven by fear, quickly wanes. Why? because unless you derive happiness and joy from doing something, you are unlikely to continue doing it in the long term.

So go ahead and blog, but blog like you mean it...


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