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Monday, February 19, 2007

LinkedIn a re-emerging trend

I know, LinkedIn has been around for a while. I was one of the early sign-ups. I felt I needed to when some of my business development counterparts were sending me invitations. But for almost 2 years, it's been in a malaise for me. I'm not an active user and I don't scour my network to make new connections. I prefer to do most of my networking face to face. Nevertheless, it's been useful to keep in contact with former peers and teams that I once led. However, in the last 10 days, I've received as many invitations from people I once knew than I have received in the entire previous 12 months. Made me wonder if I had reached some kind of network tipping point, or is LinkedIn doing some kind of aggressive marketing drive.

On a related note, I was prompted to post on this because I saw a similar post on our conversations network at TheGoodBlogs. It's really neat because now anyone can either click on my tag at the bottom of this post or at Notes from A Tool User and find the same conversation. Pretty cool. I hope more TGB members will start finding it useful.


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