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Friday, February 02, 2007

New sheriff in town or not so new...

Earlier in the week, Michael Dell announced he was returning to take over the helm of Dell once more. Over the years I've watched him build a business from his university dorm into a 60 billion dollar business. In my book, he would be in the Entrepreneur's Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and anyone who managed to build huge value from essentially nothing over a pretty long period of time. Unlike many 'manager' or 'career' oriented individuals, these folks have continued to stay involved in their businesses in some capacity. I suspect it has very little to do with money. The cynic would say it's ego (would you let a company named after you go down the tube?). For me, I think there is also the pride and passion in making a business work regardless of size or stature. So it would be interesting to see if Michael could turn things around at Dell emulating Steve Jobs at Apple. The next question would be whether Bill Gates would return to do the same for his company.


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