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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sweet resurrection

Maybe ordinary miracles do happen. The demise of my Thinkpad reported yesterday took an unexpected turn last night. After taking out the harddrive and giving the machine to a friend who wanted to take it apart, the machine came back to life on its own. Given we are experiencing incredibly low temperatures (sub zero and beyond) in the last couple of days, I can only surmise that the machine was holding an excessive amount of static electricity that prevented it from powering up. While taking out the harddrive, we discharged the static so the machine was operational again. Static electricity causing issues with laptops is not uncommon. That's my theory anyway, it beats the idea that something else may still be seriously wrong with it like a cracked motherboard or a failing component. The irony is, I could have shelved a perfectly good machine. Thanks Alan for taking a look and finding out that it had resurrected itself.

All is well again in the land of The Idea Dude. Now back to TheGoodBlogs after a rather distracting day. Bill Gates can breathe again, for a couple of hours, I was consoling myself with the prospect of acquiring a Macbook bring me full circle since I started out life with an Apple IIe.

Just an ordinary miracle...


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