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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Virtual meets reality

I'm thrilled that we are doing something with some really cool guys like Mike Sansone, Chris Cree, Ben Yoskovitz. These folks are not just great bloggers, but they are so active in promoting other blogs, giving their time, energy and blog space without hesitation. As a result, their own reputations have risen with their generosity. I'm excited to be involved and to finally meet some great bloggers face to face, many of whom are part of TheGoodBlogs. While blogs are a great way to reach millions, elections are still won by shaking hands and kissing babies. We sometimes forget the warmth of a human voice, the sincerity of eye contact and a physical presence are intangible relationship builders.

I'm convinced more so than ever that the secret to blog longevity is building a great loyal following. Not just the casual visitor, but strangers who become acquaintances and even friends... first by reading, then commenting and even creating a dialog over email. Blogging is the ultimate one-to-many relationship builder. It is the next generation email newsletter but has the advantages of immediacy, accessibility and brand. I think blogs will continue to mutate to beyond a piece of text for someone to read to a place where true conversations take place. While many may not see social phenomena like MySpace as their cup of tea, it is merely the first generation of social networking but it like Second Life and Facebook are showing that people are attracted to spaces that exude personality regardless of whether you deem it quirky, tasteful or funny. People connect to people, not email address. People connect to bloggers, not blogs.

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Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

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