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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What do you want on Valentine's Day?

Today's the day when more electronic cards are sent than any other day. The average man will spend $156 on cards, gifts and dinner.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Roses will once again be the most purchased flower at premium rates. Be different and choose some else like a bird of paradise or an orchid.
  • Chocolates are decadent, rather than buy a big box, go a splurge on a few personally selected truffles in a small well-wrapped gift box.
  • Are you creative and have a little time, hand-make your Valentine card.
  • Want to do something different, book a couple of hours at a spa as a gift followed by flowers as she exits and then whisk her away to a very quiet restaurant with great food.

Here are some no-nos.

  • Plastic flowers, yeah, they'll last but your relationship won't
  • Dinner at MacDonalds, I know they make great fries but the decor is definitely a mood killer
  • Going to a movie, holding hands is cute but you really want to be talking to your date all night long

Cheap gifts that have the most impact!

  • A warm hug
  • A long smile
  • A lingering caress
  • A gentle kiss
  • A loving backrub

What men want on Valentine's?

  • Not to screw up on Valentine's day.

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Here's a personal meme, I met my wife on a blind date to a Valentine's Dance 25 years ago. That's my best Valentine.


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