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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dotcom company makes a home run

Maybe the heady days of dotcom is back again. Cisco announces its acquisition of Webex for 3.2 billion dollors which is 10x of Webex's existing cash flow. Born in the midst of the dotcom boom in 1999, it has taken this company 8 years to finally get its home run. Microsoft's acquisition of Placeware in 2003 for 200 million now seems like a bargain. I remember while working at BackWeb in 1999, one of our VP's joined their ranks and we were shaking our heads because they had just started with a couple of people while we were riding a wave towards an IPO. To my mind, they were not one of the sexiest technologies out there at the time, but they filled a need in enterprise and that was how to run demos and presentations across the Internet without having to fly your salesforce all over the country. It goes to show, perseverance, luck and timing are all ingredients for success. Kudos to them!


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