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Friday, March 16, 2007

Is the new daylight saving scheme worst than Y2K?

So you woke up on Sunday, checked your computers and everything was fine, right? Wrong! especially if you have Microsoft Outlook. An article by eWeek prompted me to check if my Outlook had that problem. Lo and behold, between now and the old daylight scheme, all my appointments are an hour off. Fortunately, I keep most of my appointments in my head so nothing of great consequence has occurred. While they are touting significant cost savings due to shifting the daylight savings scheme (of which I am still pretty cynical about the energy savings), I shudder to think how many dollars have been spent by the software community checking all their code, issuing patches, sending updates etc. Productivity must follow the law of energy, it is never created or destroyed, it is just moved from one context to another. If law-makers figured it would save money, they should give those who have to make it happen like software companies some kind of tax break for the headaches they caused.

Then there's the question of my Windows CE which I still have to figure out whether there are patches available...


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