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Friday, March 09, 2007

What are you thinking?

I love oneliners. They are either quotes, something funny or inspiring. My kids use them all the time in their IM profiles. Instead of putting their name, they put their oneliner of the day. Then there's always one at the end of each movie trailer. Or the ad jingle from MacDonalds that you just can't get out of your head (I'm lovin' it) that your 12 old keeps singing in the car. How about? "TheGoodBlogs, you belong here." It's like a 2 minute elevator pitch but something you want to do handcraft into one memorable sentence. It think it may have something to do with my attention span! but I live for the oneliner. Maybe I should be a stand-up comic except I'm usually not very funny.

The problem I have is I read a lot and I can never figure out where to put the oneliners that make me laugh, cry or I find inspiring. Usually I can't write a whole blog post around a particular one and it seems (at least for me) not an efficient way to use a blog although others have no problem doing that. Enter TheGoodBlogs miniblog. I get excited about a lot of stuff at TheGoodBlogs but this one is really awesome because I can finally put all the oneliners I enjoy throughout my day in one place. It's the first channel in the widget, it belongs to the blogger who owns the widget. It's always there, it's the blogger's oneliner, his moment in time, a piece he/she wants to share without too much thinking. I hope more people will use it.

For me, I'm lovin' it.


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