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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big ideas come to Sobcon07

Virtual reality just became reality last night as we dropped our digital personas and met bloggers face to face. It was unlike any other conference I've been to before. Even though the majority of folks had not met in person before, it felt like a homecoming, a lovefest. And it was. Bloggers celebrating bloggers, bloggers celebrating blogging. From the moment we walked through the door and got our first hug from Mike Sansone, it was amazing.

The best thought I walked away? For many, the decision to blog wasn't a whimsical idea, it was often part of life changing decision to do something different with their lives. The blog was a window to that change. It reinforced their passion for life, their passion to share their life experiences, their passion to write.

[Update] Flickr must have been having issues, last night the flash widget displaying the SOBcon07 wasn't working, a quick check showed it wasn't working for anyone else on the 'net either. However we managed to get the slideshow going on the flickr site. This morning, the flash widget was back but all the photos uploaded to the group had disappeared. Was this another episode of the Twilight Zone?


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