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Thursday, May 10, 2007

How do you buy your music?

In the light of my miniblog entry about stepping out of yourself, I just bought a Spanish CD. Because I have no clue what the singer is singing, I ended up focusing on the voice and the music. A very telling experience. Sometimes too much information clouds the experience. Keeping it simple allows true beauty to emerge.

Here'a fun tongue-in-cheek look at how your buying habits may determine your personality type.

You like a song and ...

  1. Buy the CD immediately and never listen to it again.
  2. Only buy that one song from iTunes and never buy the CD.
  3. Always buy the CD and listen to every song.
  4. Borrow the CD and never give it back or stand in the local music store and listen to every track before buying it.

If you answered

  1. You're the driver type, i.e. accomplishing things are important to you but you never have time to enjoy the present.
  2. You're the expressive type, you live for the moment, and the song you like defines that moment... especially if others like it too.
  3. You're the amiable type, you'll always buy the whole CD even if you've only heard one song. You have to be sure that you haven't missed out on any other songs on the CD that you might like.
  4. You're the analytical type, you have to be right and listening to every track before buying it ensures you have all the information making that buying decision.


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