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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Most important open-source apps of all time

eWeek lists the following as the most important open-source apps of all time. If you're using any of these, you're in good company, if not, go check it out. It will save you a ton of time and money. I've added my own comments where we've used it and recommend it personally. Didn't have time to add links to each entry but I'm sure if you typed 'open source' and the topic in Google, you're bound to find them. (or go to eWeek and read the descriptions)

  • Apache, web server (recommended)
  • Linux Kernel, operating system (recommended)
  • Nessus, security
  • Firefox, web browser (recommended)
  • Perl, language (recommended)
  • Wireshark, network analyzer
  • PHP, language (recommended)
  • VNC, virtual networks (recommended)
  • BSD, server platform
  • Webmin, administration
  • Asterisk, telephony
  • Nmap, pen-based testing app
  •, productivity
  • MySQL, database (recommended)
  • Nagios, system monitoring
  • Eclipse, editor (recommended)
  • Samba, file and print services (recommended)
  • OpenSSH and OpenSSL, security (recommended)

Wait, there's's what they missed! These are all highly recommended by me.

  • Drupal - webportal
  • GIMP - graphics
  • Putty - ssh client
  • TortoiseSVN - version control
  • Mediawiki - wiki
  • ImageMagick - image manipulation

Do you have more? Add to the list by leaving me a comment...


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