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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The one blog post you have to make every year

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Anyone who blogs owes one post a year to the women who define and make our lives whole... our mothers and our wives. I'll be on the road back from Sobcon07 on Sunday. So this is my tribute.

Firstly, to my mother, who loves me through all the success and failures and in my darkness, only sees my light. Thanks Mom.

Secondly, to Karen, who is more than just the mother of my two kids. The term "wife" would be adequate to describe her. She is also my confidant, soulmate and friend. Thanks K.

Thirdly, to all the Mom blogs we have at TheGoodBlogs. More than any other category, you have made me cry a little and laugh a lot. Your blogs are real and from the heart. Reading them makes me feel like I knew you forever. Thanks TGB moms!
Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

We're running a competition for the best blog post about your mom and Mother's Day. Check it out at TheGoodBlogs. It's free to enter but you have to be a member of TheGoodBlogs so we can find your post through your RSS feed.

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