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Sunday, May 13, 2007

So what inspires you?

I feel very inspired today. Tony and I had a 9 hour discussion in the car on the way back from Chicago last night. We routinely receive wonderful emails and blog posts on TheGoodBlogs. But nothing quite prepares you when people who have signed up with us physically come up to you and say, "I love TheGoodBlogs, you guys are doing amazing stuff." I'm honestly thrilled and honored to share a place on your blogs. You inspire us, your blogs inspire us. To know that in some small way we can carry your blog to more corners of the internet inspires us. Being able to connect to bloggers through TheGoodBlogs inspires us. Man, I love being inspired!

I live for the moments I see a comment on a blog that says, "I found you through TheGoodBlogs". Isn't that a wonderful legacy to leave behind? It's like connecting the two plugs together and all of the suddenly the lights go on! We aren't the light, by jove, we're not even the electricity. We simply put the two cables together... sweet!

So what inspires you? a trembling voice? a moment in time captured in a photo? a kind word? a profound remark? a warm hug? ... I would love to know.


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