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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are you a daily hero?

Most of us will never reach what society may regard as "great". Being a famous movie star, CEO or even the president of their country. But I have to believe that in every great man or woman there came a turning point in their lives that was precipated or influenced by someone behind the scenes. The teacher who inspired the student to sing or to write. The parent who sacrificed much to give their children better opportunies than they had. The guides who routinely take the climbers up Mount Everest. The coach who corrected a golf swing which leads to a championship title. The 911 person who saves a desperate voice from self-destruction. Or the friend who simply stood by you and just believed.

In truth, while we all aspire to greatness and be great, we forget that there may be far more opportunities every day to be catalyst and make someone great. That in itself may be the reason why you are great. If we cannot be the one, perhaps our greatest contribution is to be one that inspires one.

We could all be daily heroes.

The theme today? facilitating greatness


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