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Monday, June 25, 2007

A case of mistaken digital identity

So you visit a website that you have often visited before but all of a sudden you're denied access. You call your ISP and they claim it's the website and the website in question deflects it back. All of a sudden you're part of the game of ping-pong except you're the ball. Yes, it happened just last week to friend. It took several weeks of frustrating back and forth to resolve. What made it even worse, he was a paid up subscriber to the website. So what happened?

It turns out that the ISP received a new bank of IPs that were previously assigned to a spammer. Whether the ISP knew or not, they aren't telling but they started to give out 'tainted' IP addresses to their subscribers. In the meantime, these IPs were previously banned by other ISPs and blocked by their firewalls. It seems some ISPs not only ban IPs individually but also by country. Now you hold an IP that according to the other ISPs says you aren't in North America or you're part of legacy block of IPs that were banned. The websites that are served by these ISPs have no clue why you can't get to their sites and your ISP denies it's their issue because you can reach other websites. Sounds like being trapped in a foreign country without a passport doesn't it? or is it like renting a stolen car? or being made an unwitting accomplice. Now the ISP in question has the onerous task of calling up all other ISPs to make sure they all know that these new IPs are legitimate.

So who said we don't need IPV6?


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