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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

12 clones

Sometimes, we're so busy, we have no time to think or breathe. That seems like this dude's perpetual state. They say it's a question of priorities but what if they were all a 10? Made me think if I was able to clone myself. Could I have a dozen please?

  • Clone #1: for my wife, and friend, for all the times I was too damn busy to be there. You will finally have my full attention. Maybe too tired to listen, never too tired to care.
  • Clone #2: for my kids, seems like just yesterday, I carried you on my shoulders. You grow so fast, I need to savor every growing moment because each second is so unique.
  • Clone #3: for my friends I've left behind. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to hang out all day and talk about us in the past, the present and the future.
  • Clone #4: for my family. Visiting Dad and Mom should not be a special occasion but an everyday event. I just wanted to be like you Dad, just wanted to be like you.
  • Clone #5: for the blogger in me. To read the other 10 thousand wonderful blogs I never seem to have time for. I know you're out there... waiting.
  • Clone #6: for the geek in me. To have time write code the way I know how and not the way I must.
  • Clone #7: for the guide in me. To show the others that path I have taken in the hopes it will accelerate theirs.
  • Clone #8: for the human in me. To take the risks I was afraid to take, to walk the paths where I could not see the end.
  • Clone #9: for the musician in me. To play because each note stops time and resonates my soul.
  • Clone #10: for the artist. To draw and paint because each stroke can never be repeated exactly the same.
  • Clone #11: for me. To be a breeze that drifts in life and celebrate all that is around. Just because I can.
  • Clone #12: ?. For everything that comes tomorrow that I couldn't anticipate today.

    Send in the clones. Don't worry they're here.

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