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Sunday, August 19, 2007

New feature on TheGoodBlogs

Having a ton of fun playing with our new feature at TheGoodBlogs, if you click on "View my profile" in the widget, it shows all the blogs that I care about (like a blogroll) but better. For me, it's the best way to keep up to date with who's just updated their blog, I get to see their faces and allows me to share with my readers who I read a lot and not just the blog name but their blog posts too. There's a recommended tab too, which we're refining, currently it shows blogs in the same category as I am.

My communities have been stagnant for a while, I don't think we made the community feature easy to use (too geeky and totally my fault) but this new pop-up feature has pressured me to make sure I keep my communities in better maintenance, I can think of many other communities I want to create and showcase now. My Sobcon friends, my dots at Liz's blog, and so many more...

They say that if you're at a loss of which feature to develop next, choose the ones that you will personally use. This was one of them. I found with all the consulting we're doing, I was finding a hard time keeping up with great blogs beyond the random ones that appear in my widget. I'm actually thrilled over what Tony has done here, kudos to him! I did the initial mockup and he did pretty much all of the leg work. Great job, Tony, aka Tealeaf!

Now to find time to let our members know!!!!


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