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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Usability rule #1

We're in our second iteration of design for one of our clients. The first was a prototype so everyone could feel and see what the elephant would looked like. The objective was to add everything including the kitchen sink. They got it! It was an elephant.

Now they can step back and not worry about features but on the community they are trying to build. I call it turning the elephant into a swan.

Reading TheGoodBlogs, I came across Grigor who posted on how we should treat our customers. His quote that hit me smack between the eyes?

We must not require from our customers to be heroes.

Wow! need I say more. That is probably the most significant and profound why to explain what usability really is. Heroes are people who go above and beyond, sacrificing themselves to reach a goal. Why should we make our websites so difficult that our customers have to be heroes to extract value out of our system?

We suffer from that same problem at TheGoodBlogs and I vow this day to stopping making our customers have to behave like heroes.

Thanks to TheGoodBlogs and Grigor, this dude feels incredibly energized this day.


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