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Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 best ways to ensure business success

#1, People. #2, People. #3, People.

Had lunch with a good friend of mine. Less than 3 years I ago I was trying to help him raise money for his startup. Nobody was exactly thrilled with his space but I was attracted to his energy and the chemistry between him and his partner. He's an amazingly confident person with a stellar sales record and his partner was a smart cookie especially when it came to marketing and product management. I remember thinking back then if I had the money I would have made a bet on both of them simply because they were young enough to be hungry but old enough to have a few business scars. My gut was right. Today, they have a multi-million dollar business and growing furiously. I love success stories even if they are not mine and especially if it's from people I care about.

Fast forward a couple hours later, I get an email from a prospective hire for a client of ours. The message basically was he was too busy to meet but can we do a phone call and please send our technology spec so he can evaluate the company. Strike out. Maybe he didn't mean anything by it. But the impression it left me with was if he wasn't bothered to meet the people he was going to work with at least 8 hours a day, maybe he isn't the kind of person I'd want to work with either.

Every month, I keep reminding Tony that it didn't matter what business we were in, as long as I was doing it with him. Human chemistry, trust, energy and smarts is probably the order of priority I would place on anyone I would want to work with long term. I'm lucky, I have all of the above with my partner.

It's always about the people.


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