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Friday, September 07, 2007

Is your life unravelling?

Mine was, literally.

A friend of mine mentioned in passing that his handyman friend told him to check his garage doors annually and tighten the hinges because with all the vibration and repeated use, the screws come loose over time. This morning, I checked mine (I have one of those multi-partition garage doors) and lo and behold, several of the hinges were indeed loose and missing nuts. Wow, an accident waiting to happen! I wondered how many people out there know to do this on a regular basis. Tip: don't overtighten the screws because the wood has aged.

Seems like that kind of week for my household. My diningroom light stopped working too. Upon investigation, it turns out the wires were pressed against the transformer which melted the connectors and resulted in a fire-hazard. I was lucky the house didn't burn down. Seems like the cheap lights don't bother to shield the transformer from the wires which invariably get pushed against the transformer when you push the light fixture into the ceiling. Bad design. I wonder how many other people have had bad accidents this way.

It inspired me with my latest 2 word phrase.

Life entropy

Our lives have a habit of unraveling if we let them. Unfortunately like winter frost, it creeps in ever so slowly until you wake up one morning and realize you let too many things go.

Remember to take time to stop and smell the roses... and check your garage doors!


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