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Saturday, September 08, 2007

It was right there all the time

Each week as I prepare the dots for my guest post (every Sunday) at Liz's blog, it gets harder and harder to track what posts I've made and who I've mentioned. This week, I finally did a couple of things that was always available at TheGoodBlogs but I was just too busy to do.

  • Keep track of the conversations using TheGoodBlogs conversation tracker.
    I use the same conversation tag each week and one click gets me all the conversations. See the link on the top right hand corner of my blog.
  • Keep track of the dots using my profile and communities at TheGoodBlogs.
    Clicking on View my profile on the widget allows me to see all my communities I created, especially the one I just did for my dots. So I can see what my dots are saying each day. How cool is that!
  • Add dots each week to my dots community at TheGoodBlogs. We still need to make that simpler. It's in the works.

    Pretty simple stuff and you can argue that sure I could have used an RSS feed reader and keep track of my dots that way. Problem is I'm the only one who would see them and the point is that once it's done, everyone else can view my dots community in spot, right on my blog!

    I realized that to make TheGoodBlogs successful, I need to add features that will help me promote other bloggers and by doing that, other bloggers will find the features helpful too.

    In the software industry, we call it Eating your own dogfood.

    Just lovin' it!

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