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Friday, September 14, 2007

So you think you know marketing?

Drew from The Marketing Minute posted twice on Harry Beckwith. It was a great reminder for me. Many years ago, being thrust into the senior management and the business development team, I read as many business and leadership books I could find. Sitting on the plane for many hours made that easy. In particular, I devoured Harry's books with a passion. I was a geek who knew nothing about marketing. (I'm not sure much has changed since then!)

Drew highlighted Harry's thoughts in two great posts here and here.

My top 5 favorites:
  • Your biggest competitor is not a competitor; it's your prospect's indifference.
  • Your second-biggest competitor is not a competitor; it's your prospect's distrust
  • Never take seriously what people say they think, because people are never sure. Trust only action.
  • You must improve constantly, because people's expectations rise constantly.
  • People don't care how good you are. They care how good you can make them.

    Oh and my absolute favorite above all.

    Despite all the warnings, all people judge books by their covers.

    Blogger Amanda said...

    I like the 4th point. Its so true!

    9:21 PM  
    Blogger The Idea Dude said...

    Hi Amanda, I agree, I have to keep reminder myself every day.

    9:51 PM  

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