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Monday, October 08, 2007

The dots are free

Yesterday my guest post at Liz's blog was about looking at your blog posts as gifts. It was one of those posts that, when I was done, I did wonder if people will get it!. I think they did, judging from some of the replies. The concept continued to linger this morning. I was compelled to run this through my mind once more.

Sometimes we get caught up with this whole blogging thing and forget we all blog for different reasons. The most successful ones do it for a living. So they blog consistently every day with authority and with awesome content. For the rest of us, which accounts for 95% or more of the blogosphere, it is a channel for our thoughts and emotions. It is simply to say, hey I exist, and this is me.

My aha moment was inspired by Thanksgiving. It went like this...

If your blog post was a gift, it would be:
  • Free - nothing is expected in return.
  • Voluntary - you do it when you feel like it.
  • It is a gift - not everyone may like it and some may choose n.ot to receive it.
  • Gifts are unexpected - that's what makes them special.
  • The act is immediate, but the intent is timelessYour blog post is there for all to read forever.
  • Gifts are given not sharedOur words are gifts, sharing implies we haven't let go.
  • Gift is a gift, not matter how large or smallAppreciate the giver and the act of giving first.

    And the most wonderful of things is when the recipient does reciprocate in another blog post or a comment. Because it means...

    ...the conversation has begun...

    It was liberating for me, because all of a sudden when you have this realization, there is no more stress of smart or good you should be. There is no counting of views and links. For most of us, we shouldn't need to care. To turn one head and one heart should be all you should wish for. And whether it is today, tomorrow or 5 years from now, someone will read the post and their hearts will be touched. Of that I am sure.

    Just give when you feel like giving...


    Blogger "ME" Liz Strauss said...

    Or maybe a heart will be touched today,

    4:03 PM  
    Blogger The Idea Dude said...

    Thanks for stopping by, Liz.

    Ahh yes, at least a few, mine included...


    8:49 PM  
    Blogger Amanda said...

    I love this idea!

    I started out the whole blogging thing because I wanted to do PayPerPost. But now, I blog because I like to and I enjoy the digital relationship with some of the regular readers. However, I do feel that I NEED to have a post EVERYDAY or those people who might enjoy my blog would be disappointed. Then I have another thought "Why would anybody even want to read about my everyday life?" But some people do....and I'm really appreciative of it.

    7:08 AM  
    Blogger The Idea Dude said...

    Hi Amanda, that's so true, the feedback from our readers help fuel our passions. That's why your comment is as important as the post!

    It is always as tough to balance inspiration and discipline. Perhaps it is the discipline that helps us find inspiration.

    9:27 AM  

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