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Monday, December 10, 2007

Isabella's song

It needs no introduction, no explanation. It has no end.

It's a gift from Isabella that I found. Like the best gifts, that one receives, one should pass it on. So I left it on Liz's blog for all to enjoy.

So touched I was by it's simplicity and beauty...
I sang it here for all to see.
This is Isabella's song.

my verse is a dove
looking for a place to nest.
and with a roar it opens its wings
to fly, to fly.

my song is free
and wants to give itself
to whoever opens his hand
yearning to set the world free.

my song is a chain
without beginning, without an end,
and every link contains
the song of everyone else.

let’s never stop singing together
to all humanity.

a song is a dove
who flies so that it may discover.
with a thunder it opens its wings
to fly, to fly.

my song is a free song.

Truly, if there is one wish I would wish to come true is that this blog would be like her song, a chain of thoughts, each link a heart, so that all those come may know all those who came before.

If this struck a chord, or raised your wings, head on over to Isabella to thank her, because it is Isabella's Song


Blogger isabella mori said...

thank you so much, idea dude! (love the name of your blog, btw)

i need to say that this is not my song. i only translated it from the spanish. it is a song by victor jara, a chilean singer-songwriter, poet and educator, who died in the horrible coup in chile in 1973.

i am really glad that this is finding a bit of enjoyment in the blogosphere. the latin american singer-songwriter tradition is rich and beautiful - maybe i'll dig up a few more songs like that ...

11:24 PM  
Blogger The Idea Dude said...

Hi Isabella, for me it is your song because if you didn't sing it in words I understood, I would have never been moved as much I was.

Thank you so much.


9:14 AM  

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