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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new year, a new day

Can't believe it is the 8th and it is only my first blog post of the year. A ski trip and dead notebook put my blogging on hold for a week. But I'm back and as I type, it feels good to be back.

Setting up a new machine is like moving into a new home, you have to figure where to put the old stuff and then learn about all the new stuff. The jury is still out on whether I stay with Vista or go back to XP Pro. I know this much, make sure you have the largest disk possible.

My new Thinkpad had 100GB but one day later, I'm down to around 30GB! After diving in and investigating, the Thinkpad has a backup directory for emergencies called RRBackup which has devoured 10GB of my disk. Throw in another 3GB for the pagefile, 2GB for the hibernation files and 8GB (and growing - Vista will take by default 15% of your diskspace) for the system restore files. Preinstalled software weighs in at another 16GB. Doing the math, that's a whopping 39GB of space that strictly speaking doesn't belong to me. Then there is the 5GB partition, the preinstallers have taken, I'm down to half my drive.

BTW, a small factoid: I really only have a 93GB harddrive not 100GB as advertised. 93GBytes which is equivalent roughly to 100GBits (you have to multiply by 1024x1024x1024). All part of marketing and to make it look like you have a bigger drive than you really do.

But life is returning to normal.

Have an awesome year everybody!


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