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Monday, July 21, 2008

Why you should not stop blogging

New York Times has an interesting article called This is your life (and how you tell it). It's about people telling stories about themselves. The part that struck a chord for me was...

...We think that feeling you have changed frees you up to behave as if you have; you think, ‘Wow, I’ve really made some progress’ and it gives you some real momentum...

It is not a coincidence that the majority of therapy sessions is spent getting patients to talk about themselves, their successes, their problems and their fears. Unknowingly, they may have some event that have been locked away in memory stopping them from being more than they really are.

We always see blogging as a voice or a vehicle so others can hear. But it is as much a vehicle for us to rid ourselves of demons, to reinforce thoughts or inspirations. Doing in publicly makes them more concrete and less scary. Declarations that rid us of our fears and failures.

Blogging about the insanities around our lives don't make them disappear but writing them down helps us deal with them maybe because once committed to words, they become more manageable.

Of course, once they are declared, the benefit to others is that they see the parallels of your experiences to theirs and all of a sudden you are less alone and maybe it isn't whether it is you or not, maybe it just is.

Momentum created and shared is infectious and is easily transferred.

Seeking to find inspiration from around us is often easier than finding it from within.

Where did you draw your inspiration from today?


Blogger Brenda said...

Very intriging post. I don't know how many times I have considered giving up on my blog. Perhaps most bloggers have gone through this. But there is much truth in what you say here. Many times my personal truth is revealed to me as I write my posts. For me this public expression does not make blogging less scary ... but clicking the "publish" button despite my fears is an empowering act; it's me saying "this is me, as I am" and realizing that some people will understand and others won't ... and it's all okay.

By the way, as always I enjoy YOUR thought-provoking posts!

8:30 PM  
Blogger The Idea Dude said...

Hi Brenda,

As you put it so well on your blog, it's about sharing the journey. Thanks for accompanying me on mine.

I really like what you said about "Clicking on the publish button is an empowering act". We should make that the description on our publish buttons!


2:18 AM  

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