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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The blog is dead, long live the blog

My good friend, Mark Evans had a post advocating the blog honeymoon is over. Mark's a smart guy with thousands of posts and many blogging years under his belt. So if anyone has a pulse on the blogosphere, surely he has.

I look to TheGoodBlogs and my own blogging habits and question the same thing. I agree with Mark, it is a sign of a maturing technology. New technology comes in waves. A giant wave followed by smaller and smaller ones until it either dies or hits steady state. The fact that we talk less about it either means it is dead or has become a de facto part of our lives like email, instant messaging, spreadsheets, word processors... I believe it is the latter. Blogging has become part of the stuff we use everyday without thinking too much about it.

Blogs are still the best place to put thoughts, ideas and information that you want to leave around a long time. They become signposts to your life. For me it is the documentation of my journey. Twitter has done bloggers a great favour, not a disservice, because they have helped remove all the mindless, one-liners that used to proliferate the blogs. These dynamic touchpoints are important in their own right but served to be flies in the blogging soup for those of us who looked to blogs for meangingful and deep content. There is a place for the story as well as the soundbite. Stories belong to blogs, soundbites belong to twitter. Imagine going on a date and it consisted of a series of one-liners!

As humans we are always looking for the king of the mountain, the app killer but in reality, all the technologies like email, instant messaging, blogs, social network sites and twitter serve our needs in different ways. It is an AND conversation and the fact that most of us keep multiple accounts will attest to that fact.

At TheGoodBlogs, we get our share of bad and indifferent blogs, blogs that are set up purely for spam. We filter these out the best we can. I am proud of the fact that without fail, if I go to the widget or browse our member blogs, it never fails to amuse, inform or entertain.

Isn't that what blogs should be doing? Isn't that what TheGoodBlogs does?

Long live the blogs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Twitter for frivolity and relationship building, but I'd be lost without my blog. I think the two go together just perfectly.

BTW... can I find you on Twitter? Some time soon?

Hope you're okay

4:20 PM  
Blogger The Idea Dude said...

Hi Joanna,

I've jumped in with two feet. My twitter is

I'll find you there!


9:58 PM  

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