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Monday, February 23, 2009

Life's a compromise

Sort of made the blog iPhone friendly. Alas, this is a case of the shoemaker's son has no shoes. This old blog born 3 years ago under Blogger means there is very little I can do to change the format in an elegant way without some server side work. Now I rue the day I didn't start this in Wordpress or something that allows me to do what I want with PHP code like we did at TheGoodBlogs site.

In the end, the best way was to write a script on TheGoodBlogs site that would capture this blog and insert the necessary code to format it appropriately. I could have simply added a css with a meta tag that would detect the iPhone and style it appropriately, but I wanted users to see the original blog if they so wished.

But if you clicked on the iPhone Friendly link, it formats it so that it is more easily read especially in landscape mode.

Back to other stuff... I'm now one day behind and it's only Monday!


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