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Monday, February 23, 2009

The quest to be iPhone friendly

The iPhone has started to permeate my life in many ways. More so because my reading and catchup with the rest of the world is now done while waiting to pick up and drop off kids or waiting at the mall for the rest of the family. I rarely read email on my computer any more. Most of it is done on the go.

And so starts my quest. Most blogs are not iPhone friendly. Although, truth be told, that is true of most web pages. You have to zoom in, pan and adjust until the content fits on your screen. By then, the opportunity or the desire is gone so that page or blog is left unread. Our website, TheGoodBlogs was exactly that, unmanageable and unreadable. Hence our first efforts to make it more pleasing for iPhone readers.

Hopefully by end of today, this blog will read a little better. Stay tuned.


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