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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The bankrupcy of life

My good friend Alan, pointed me to inspiring passage from Sterling Hayden's book, "Wanderer". One of the quotes...

"To be truly challenging, a voyage, like a life, must rest on a firm foundation of financial unrest."

I feel like I've been a voyage for a long, long time...

The high seas brings challenges every day, leaving behind more ship wrecks than treasure found. But in every explorer's heart, the real thirst is not for riches, it is for adventure. Unexplored lands. Forgotten people. New frontiers. An entrepreneur is no different. Uncharted courses drives his soul. My soul.

The choice is security vs fulfillment. Security means safety, a 9-5 job, an annual vacation, a new car every 5 years. A safe house in a good neighborhood. Fulfillment means going to bed, achieving something different every day. Experiencing the unexpected. Being rich in character, much less in pocket.

For me the fairy tale has yet to come true. I will stay the course even though the outcome is unclear. Youth seeks the happy ending at the end of the quest, the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That would be nice. With age, I seek only for a small sense of accomplishment at the of each day. The rest is up to destiny.

So we make choices in life. Very few have their cake and eat it. For the majority of us, the choice is bankruptcy of purse or bankruptcy of life.


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